Glass and therefore glazing

Glazing is the art and production putting glass into buildings in the main it can also be applied to the manufacture of glasses that people wear. I think it must refer back to potentially the middle ages and glass was first made and put into buildings to add light and protection from the elements.

Some Glass looks fantastic in buildings these can be the old buildings or new buildings but if the class is designed in such a way that is sympathetic to the building it can come to represent so much more from architectural point of you. Simple glass added to buildings also has a great impact both inside and outside of the buildings, light is so important in buildings, natural light is a big big bonus in any space within the building.

So, to get a good glazier these days is important one who understands what you’re trying to do and has the schools and the tools to put together an attractive glass frame and glass window is a bonus to the new build. Or to an older building.

Glass can come in all shapes and sizes and colours for windows in buildings. I think my favourite windows and glass structures are those where extensions are made from kitchens’ often at the back of buildings that lead out into garden areas sometimes small sometimes large with bi folding doors this can be a real bonus to a house as it adds a new room in effect to the kitchen.

My favourite glazier in the area is they have some great ideas and are not just replacement glaziers. They give you the benefit of their vast experience and product knowledge. Which really helps, sometimes you just want a replacement, but sometimes some new thoughts and design ideas are great to make features out of exisiting walls and windows.



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