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Why I love Encinitas, CA

Located just north of San Diego, Encinitas, known to some as ‘City of Flowers’, is a beautiful little coastal city with a rich history. It has become one of the world’s biggest industrial producer of ornamental flowers, with the poinsettia being its trademark production. When you think of a peaceful city to settle down in after retirement, you probably think of a city or place like Encinitas. Here are 5 reasons why you should live in Encinitas.

1.     The Weather

The weather in Encinitas is just the absolute perfect it can be all year, every year. With constant 72 degree weather, you can hit the beach anytime of the year and feel as if though summer has not ended. Experience eternal summer in the not too hot not too cold temperatures of Encinitas. The climate invites you to venture out to the beaches and other spots in the city, and experience the city. Go out and learn the controversy behind the Surfing Madonna, visit the iconic Moonlight Beach all in the perfect weather. The weather is rarely known to climb higher than 72 F or dip below it.

2.     The Beaches

Encinitas is home to one of the world most iconic beaches, namely the Moonlight Beach. Google up a picture of a beautiful sunset and you will probably get a picture of a sunset at moonlight beach. Named for a practice done in the 1900s when people would visit the beach under moonlight for picnics and camp-fire enjoyment, it is still open up to those activities. Other beaches include the world famous Swami beach, famous for hosting a venue for surfing enthusiasts from around the world. Taking a pot in the world top 5 surfing locations, it is no wonder that it attracts so many surfers.

3.     The Surfing

Encinitas is one the world’s top 5 places to hang 10. Attracting thousands of enthusiasts from all over America and the globe, its Swami Beach accommodates competitions, races and so much more. The famous rock band ‘Beach Boys’ (what a fitting name) even mention Swami beach in their song ‘Surfin USA’.  So it can be said that Encinitas is USA’s surfing capital, with surfing events being broadcasted to the world. And that is not all! The surfers at Encinitas, particularly Surf eCo, also take initiative to save rainforests in parts of the world by donating proceeding to charity. And if you do not know how to swim, then you need not worry! The city of Encinitas has you covered! There are multiple teaching centers at the many beaches, to name one, Surf eCo, which will teach all you need to know about surfing!

4.     The Art and Culture

Encinitas s a city rich in culture and nowhere does that becomes clearer than at the many art galleries and institutions. Head on over to Downtown and enjoy the many centers of cultural enrichment such as The Off Track Gallery or visit east of town to visit The LUX Art Institute for new and exciting art. But it doesn’t just stop there; Encinitas is also home to the historic La Paloma Theater, which was established in 1928. Visit the San Diego Botanical Garden, the Heritage Museum and everything that follows it. And Encinitas is  no stranger to street fairs with quite a large number occurring annually like, The April Street Fair, OktoberFest coinciding with the one in Germany, Classic Car Cruise Night, Fall Festival, Deep Pit BBQ, Wellness Week and many others.  You will never find yourself bored in the city and there will always be entertainment at every corner. And to help service the city a great array of service companies.

5.     The Flowers

Encinitas is not known as the city of flowers for nothing. The Self Realization Gardens are an absolutely beautiful sight when in full bloom. Right next to the beach the gardens feature an amazingly architecture structure inspired by Persian influences and gardens to take your breath away. The Poinsettia has become Encinitas and there is no shortage of them in the city. Nurseries are peppered thought, and you will find it difficult not to have a flower or two inside your household. Flower fields, however, take the cake at being the most breathtaking flower fields in Encinitas. Being one of the world’s biggest producers of ornamental flowers, there is no shortage of flower fields you can spend a magical evening at.

So if you ever think of settling down in a coastal city with an amazing history, culture and beauty to behold at every corner then Encinitas is the city you have been looking for!