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What Should I Use To Re-Roof My Shed?

If you’re lucky adequate to have a garden shed, you’ll currently know everything about the benefits of owning one. Lots of storage space for tools, bikes, and garden furnishings, and who knows, maybe some peace and quiet? Whatever you utilise your shed for, its advantages rely on keeping it in great condition.

As you may expect, there’s great deals of choice offered for shed roofing. Each alternative has its own benefits and weatherproofing abilities, the option largely, comes down to individual option, budget, and, not forgetting your own level of DIY skill. Let’s take an appearance at some of the more popular options.

Roofing Felt
For shown, overall weather condition protection is at its best, you will not go far incorrect with traditional shed roofing system felt. By far the most typical shed roof material, it offers all round weatherproofing that’s hard to beat, giving year round defence from the components, consisting of UV, and keeping whatever watertight.

Offered in rolls of 8 – 10m x 1m at around ₤ 20 – ₤ 30 per roll, the black or green bitumen backed felt can be easily applied to your shed by presenting throughout the existing roof and fixing with nails. This will offer a long lasting defence of around 5 years, but there are enhanced choices that offer a far longer defence if needed.

Bitumen Roofing Sheets
For a more standard surface, these corrugated, bitumen-backed sheets are a light-weight option for your shed roof, however are no less reliable in their waterproofing capabilities. Versatile and hard-wearing, these hard sheets will provide you years of upkeep totally free security.

Each sheet measures 950 x 2000mm and simply 3mm thick and come in four different colours. Easily set up, they can finished off with a matching coloured ridge, giving you amount to weather condition and UV protection. Each sheet has a 15-year waterproofing guarantee, and at around ₤ 15 per sheet can be an affordable surface too.

Bitumen Shingles
Comparable to roof felt in the method they’re produced, bitumen-backed roofing shingles give you the very same level of waterproofing and weather defence. But, rather than rolls, these shingles can be found in 1m strips with pre-cut tabs to give the appearance of tiles for a classic finish.

Offered in 4 colours, these light-weight, long lasting tile strips are easy to set up and come with a choice of square, round, or hexagonal shaping. Each strip provides you ample overlap for optimum protection and have exceptional UV resistance. Offered in multi-packs covering approx 3m2 for around ₤ 25, shingles will offer you an excellent looking and lasting surface.

Years Of Protection
The secret to the long life of any shed is keeping it watertight, which always begins with the roofing. By examining it throughout the year, you’ll be able to identify potential problems before they get serious and the leaks start. By using quality materials like these, a new shed roofing system should last you a good variety of years.

For all your Roofing needs, contact your local Roof Repair East Ham company.

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